Green Gold Store
Chotta Bheem



Founder & CEO

It's like a dream..... yes a dream, for me & with me all my family members, friends & business associates with whom I have shared, lived & made this dream come true. Green Gold Animation Pvt Ltd, today is everything & more than what I had thought & conceptualized when leaving Kansas, USA back in 2000.

When I started Green Gold, the animation industry was at a nascent stage in India, technology was emerging & the whole concept of animation was new. Today, animation industry has become a big, thriving & booming industry & opportunities are unlimited, waiting to be explored. Green Gold has been at the helm since the beginning, creating & producing original content & characters as we progress.

Chhota Bheem came alive after hard ship , toil & rejections. The character today is a pure phenomenon & a cult figure. Every kid in India today knows & feels the character in them & that is what makes Chhota Bheem special. As a brand, its a force to reckon with & a powerful tool for marketers & a property which will live on for a long time to come. Today, Green Gold has surged ahead & diversified into various sectors like merchandising, licensing, distribution, retail stores, gaming applications & theatrical movies.

Green Gold Store was a simple idea which today has become a central plan for us. The concept was picked up as a trial experiment & today its grown to 15 cities & many more getting added as we speak. The basic idea of Green Gold Store is to cater to all die hard fans of Chhota Bheem with products & merchandise that is fun & exciting. With a wide range of products spread over different categories, I am sure Green Gold Store would be the choicest destination for all the kids & a safe bet for entrepreneurs to start a business venture along with an established brand called Chhota Bheem.


COO & Executive Director

Green Gold Animation Pvt Ltd has been an exciting & enriching journey so far & there's loads to look forward to as we surge ahead.

Chhota Bheem has been a front runner since the time he has come on television & today commands the leadership position & entertains more than 40 million kids across the nation & many more internationally.

Green Gold Licensing & Merchandising division, has made substantial progress since its inception in 2008. We had started with a few products mainly comics, DVDs, apparels & stationery items, which found ready market & huge demand from customers. This helped us to increase the portfolio & the product catagories. Today with more than 200 products, close to 3000 SKUs & many more catagories getting added, we are ensuring that every need is catered.

Green Gold Store has become the one stop shop for the fans of our characters by offering them a wide range of products & merchandise to choose from. What started as a test model has today become a growing entitiy. In less than 2 years since the inception of Green Gold Store, we have opened 27 Green Gold Stores & growing.

As we go along, we are making Green Gold Stores the center point for introducing new products & merchandises. With a more robost approach, better propositions for franchisees & most importantly by the introduction exclusive products & merchandises for customers, we look at Green Gold Store as a lucrative business proposition in years to come.

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