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The rise of Chhota Bheem has been a marvel in the making. In five years time he has taken over the reign & leadership among the animated toons in India.

This sensational character has been entertaining more than 40 million children across the length & breadth of the country along with courting fans across the globe. Along the way, Chhota Bheem has been instrumental in the growth of the merchandising & licensing division of Green Gold, which has been churning out loads of products for Chhota Bheem fans.

Green Gold Store is a perfect domain, which creates a solid connect with the fans. Its a one-stop-shop for all Chhota Bheem products along with exciting merchandise of Mighty Raju, Arjun Prince of Bali, Krishna Balram, Chorr Police & Luv Kushh.

Green Gold Store will be a sought after address in the retail space & a destination store for the growing number of fans. This would be the right choice for an entrepreneurial start up with the backing of a live & kicking brand called Chhota Bheem.


1. Partnership with a brand called 'Chhota Bheem' which has a powerhouse demand in India among the kids.
2. A store that keeps all the products & merchandises, which is branded with the toon icon 'Chhota Bheem'. The products range from back to school, apparels, stationaries, accessories, gifts, novelties, home décor, books, home videos, foot wears, cycles etc.
3. A competitive business proposition, backed with promotions & schemes for the business partners & customers.
4. Easy to do interiors at minimal costs.
5. Billing system from a reputed company with service back up.
6. Creative & artwork support for advertising & publicity.
7. Minimal dead stock in a 12 month selling cycle.


1. Location: The most important criteria of setting up a Green Gold Store is the location. The address must be easily accessible, easy to find, should have clear visibility with zero obstructions & should be at a place, which has high footfall like malls, high street, market area, main/ key roads & areas which have high concentration of children & schools.

2. Interiors: The layout of Green Gold Store interior is simple & easy to do. The design is a mix of glass shelves & plywood racks which are laid to display all the products added with an exciting display of the character arrangements & patterns for highlight. Proper lighting both internal & external at the store is essential. Storage space for stocks is allocated with drawers at the bottom & top of the racks. Additional storage allocation & provision of sitting arrangements for the customers would be an added advantage.

3. Additional infrastructures: Air conditioning, billing counter with a computer, scanner, printer, telephone & internet connection are a necessity.

4. ERP Software: Green Gold has tied up with HD pos., which provides the ERP software for billing at Green Gold Stores. This software comes with all the basic requirements of billing, inventory management & sales analysis.

5. Important Documents: Company registration, VAT/TIN registration, pan card, shop act license, shop agreement & franchisee agreement are critical & necessary documents required to initiate the deal & regularize the entire business process.

6. Staff: Smart & customer friendly counter sales personals would be an immense asset to a Green Gold Store in pushing sales & grow revenues. The counter personals are given a uniform by Green Gold, which they need to wear when at the store.

7. Database Management: The success of a Green Gold Store also rests on proper maintenance of customer database. The business partner & the counter staff should record all the customer information in a register. The information can be used to promote schemes, information of new products & new developments at the Green Gold Store.

8. Local Activation: To maintain regular footfall and encourage sales, the business partner should engage in regular below the line activities like newspaper insertions, sms and emailing activities. This help sales and awarness through continuous recall of Green Gold Stores.


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